Dining at Chef’s Garden

To end my Eid day, I stopped by Chef’s Garden for a quiet evening dinner, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Chef’s Garden, located at Marwan Club in Al Shaqab, is a hidden gem in Doha. With its clean aesthetic interior, providing you with a view of its great outdoors, its luscious lawn and welcoming pool views, it is certainly a place to delight.

The seasonal menu featuring organically grown local produce and its fresh fish specialties, organic meats seasoned with fresh herbs grown in their very own herb garden, are enough to whet one’s appetite.

I opted for Sesame Crusted Salmon, a baked sesame seed salmon with a lobster bisque sauce and homemade potato gnocchi. The salmon baked to medium rare, so delicate to the palate yet full of flavour complemented by fresh vegetables cooked al dente, crisp on the outside and soft and tender inside—is an ideal way to maximize their nutritional value.

Being Eid Day, the restaurant was relatively quiet. So, I got the full attention of the friendly staff.


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Umm suhail

A South African currently living and working in Qatar always striving to contribute towards the “change” where emails will be short, love letters brave and every “thank you” note be hand written! As I move through life, I want to share my experiences - the interesting places I am so fortunate to visit, the amazing people I meet and the profound moments I am blessed with. When I am not working, you can find me watching Pretty Woman or Devdas for the 101th time, I watch obscene amounts of television without a trace of shame, surf the net, visit main stream or boutique hotels, restaurants and street food vendors, specialized coffee shops or the local karak drive through stores, High end stores to 5Riyal stores, Home Interior Stores or drive aimlessly looking for inspiration for my next post, the ultimate photo opportunity or simply write about what captures my imagination.

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