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Fish for Thought???

Qatar saw the opening of Ocean Basket at the Mall of Qatar in December of 2016.

Ocean Basket (OB) is a South African brand with over 201 restaurants in 16 countries around the globe from Dubai to Durban, Nelspruit to Nigeria, serving affordable seafood sprinkled with its special Mediterranean magic.

The aesthetic of OB is a mix of contemporary/traditional  is easy on the eye. The atmosphere was amazing , with the sounds of people engaging in conversation, laughter and sharing moments over a good sea food meal.

Being South African, I wondered if they were able to bring the very same flavours to Qatar, so we headed to the Mall of Qatar to experience it first hand.


The Manager’s engaging personality in true Lazarides style most certainly  “took me back home” making it a very pleasant experience.

We ordered one of the platters on the menu;

From the fish to prawns, the flavours were right on point. The prawns were succulent, the fish grilled to perfection, the calamari really tender, the mussels delicately seasoned – I would have to say that, Ocean basket Qatar  serves delicious seafood with their famous and irresistible creamy lemon sauce.

The generous portions combined with attentive service makes for a great lunch/dining experience and great value for money.


“The success of the Ocean Basket brand is based on the basic formula of simplicity, excellent service, value for money and the most delicious seafood served piping hot in the pan, consistent in every Ocean Basket restaurant –


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