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Personal Transformation and Self-Esteem with Elisabete Reis – Glam Your Image

Personal Transformation and Self-Esteem  with Elisabete Reis – Glam Your Image

Meet Elisabete Reis, a professional fashion stylist, Image Etiquette & Protocol Consultant, a wife and a mother of 3 with a passion for everything she does.

Elisabete was destined to travel to China where she found romance and married Miguel Heitor. China became home to the Reis Heitor, and the birth place of 2 of her children.

2006 brought new surprises for the Reis Heitor, Miguel had an opportunity to move to Qatar, without hesitation and armed with their shared adventurous spirit, they moved to Qatar. With the prospect of a year filled with new discoveries, new culture and new landscape they began their life in Qatar, no later they had a daughter and 1 year became 10 years – Qatar has been home for the last 10 years.

US: Elisabete, please do share with us how and when did you create Glam your Image?

ER: Glam Your Image is a dream come true. Having worked many years in the aviation industry, allowed me to interact and work with people from around the world from completely different cultures and ways of living. Fascinated by how different we all are yet so similar in so many ways, wanting the same things; to look and feel better, be more confident, express ourselves appropriately and ensure that our messages are clearly understood, to have an impact, be acknowledged and to motivate others and so on. I soon realized the need for my services in the market, the seed had been planted and so began my journey with Glam Your Image. 2008 saw the launch of Glam Your Image!


US: How would you describe what you do?

ER: I empower people and companies to achieve their ultimate goals. Provide personal development coaching workshops, create wardrobes for success, deportment, brand coaching enabling staff to effectively and correctly represent the Brand are some of the areas I cover. My work is divided in areas depending on the client needs. I have professional certification in all the areas I cover and I decided to expand and offer a comprehensive list of services.


US: What do you like most about what you do?

ER: Everything! I love everything about my work if I were to name a favorite, it would be empowering people by coaching them on how to be confident.  I believe it’s the key to everything. I can give you an amazing closet but if you don’t own your confidence, it will not work in the long run. I want my clients completely empowered and confident.

This aspect of my work allows me to forge long term bonds with my clients, where they transition from clients to friends, our relationship becomes rather interactive, where I become a part of their lives, they share their shopping experiences and I am always happy to share my opinion when required.


US: What do you dislike?

ER: Not having more hours in the day perhaps 🙂


US: What education, schooling, or skills are needed to do this?

ER: I strongly believe education is key to success and empowerment.  Study Image Consulting (Foundation and Advanced course), Coaching, Etiquette & Protocol


US: What is most challenging /rewarding about what you do?

ER:  I had the absolute pleasure of working with people with disabilities and had the most challenging and rewarding moments of my career.


US: What’s a typical work week like?

ER: Completely hectic 🙂 Managing my time between family, clients and events.


US: What is the greatest misconception that people have about what you do?

ER: That I am a blogger :):) I am not a blogger Although I share and blog about my work it is not what I do for a living.


US: What are your goals/dreams for the future?

ER: My career is a continuous work in progress, with new developments which I will gladly share with you soon.


US: What kind of activities does your company offer?

ER: We work closely with brands, hotels and spas, promoting what we believe is good and of interest to our audience.


US: You also have a blog. When did you decide to communicate with your followers via this medium? What is your favorite thing about blogging?

ER: I do, but unfortunately haven’t been active on the blog, however it’s on my “to do list”.  I love to tell stories and share experiences with followers, due to various reasons, I have unfortunately not been very active been active on the blog.  Blogging has come a long way since its first appearance. Initially Blogging was used as a unique platform to share a person’s thoughts, feelings, opinions or experiences – an online journal if you will. Today it has grown into a platform used by millions and the simplicity of it, making it easy for anyone to launch a blog and become a self-proclaimed “expert”. Our strongest presence on social media platforms are on: Instagram, InstaStories and Facebook, however we also engage with our followers through Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest simply search @glamyourimage

US: Please describe your personal style

ER: My style is focused on timeless pieces I love simple yet polished and elegant looks.

US: How do you determine the best style for your clients

ER: Based on personality and lifestyle.


US: You also help your clients edit their closets. What’s the hardest thing about this for you and your client?

ER: For the client is the struggle of “letting go”, their challenge in letting go of items, the constant negotiations to retain those items for various reasons, until they fully accept their new journey. For me it is the friendship I forge in the process of empowering people.


US: Do you like to follow fashion trends?

ER: Follow no but be aware of them yes. I invest in timeless pieces, trends are always very affordable that I can replace quickly and easily with minimal damage to my wallet.


US: What is the item of clothing that you would love to ban from every woman’s closet?

ER: I always say clogs and crocs, furthermore there’s absolutely no reason for any woman not wear properly fitted clothing to enhance her body type.


US: You are also a life coach. How do you incorporate this into your image consulting?

ER: It Is all about the building up confidence and owning who you are, as I mentioned earlier making it a perfect match in the image consulting business. I strongly believe in “beauty and brains” as a powerful and winning combination, with beauty in the sense of looking and feeling well put together, so it’s all part of the coaching process.


US: In addition to running your own company, you are the creative director for Debaj. Please describe Debaj.

ER: Debaj is a Qatari brand of luxury abayas.  Debaj was the name of a fabric used exclusively for the Royal Family.

The Debaj Collection is like no other. This unique brand with its unmistakable and breathtaking designs made only of the finest fabrics, superb craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail- a masterpiece.  Each design expressing the creativity of a fantastic team made up of individuals from around the globe, a collective effort contributing to the success of Debaj.


US: What events do you like to be a part of when it comes to the services you offer; life coaching, fashion, or image consulting?

ER: I prefer interactive events where I can give back to the community such as workshops or brief image assessments where I can share useful tools or skills. I love interacting with people, having conversation, where you can look into someone’s eyes and feel their emotions and see their expressions.

US: Do you have to travel a lot for your job?

ER: I do travel quite a lot which requires great organizational skills. Thank God, my husband and children are very understanding and supportive of my career.


US: Can you explain how your image can have a huge impact on your everyday life?

ER: it is said that it takes It takes 7 seconds for us to judge another person, based on this, personal image can be a catalyst in building relationships.  Personal image is important because most people are judged based on the first impression.  A good personal image (includes everything from the way a person dresses to their voice fluctuations and even their social media profiles) will ensure positive and lasting first impressions, thus projecting a glimpse of your personal life, leading to many benefits and pave the way for many opportunities.


US: What advice would you give to anyone wishing to pursue this career path?

ER: Be genuine and sincere. Invest in your education, (trust me, totally worth it) attend renowned image schools or institutes and refrain from giving “tips” on social media without the sufficient knowledge.  I cannot impress enough on formal education and thereafter enhance it with additional self-taught courses.  Understand that just because you dress yourself every morning you are not a professional stylist, healing our children’s superficial wounds does not make you a doctor, just as eating your food everyday make you a good connoisseur or food critic.  It is Imperative that one understands the difference between passion and hobby.


US: Your message for 2017 is…….

ER: Talk more text less!


You may reach  Elisabete Reis,on the following:





Instagram: glamyourimage


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