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AlDukan – The Shop

AlDukan – a Qatari brand, founded by three sisters that have been designing abayas since 2008. With a flare for modern global fashion trends, the trio experiment with patterns and textures, mixing traditional designs and embroidery, bright colours and sequences, creating unique abayas with the unmistakable hint of luxury and elegance combined.

These elegant abayas vary from simple designs to the more intricate ones, each abaya an expression of love for fashion and the rich culture, representing the women in the Gulf

2013 – AlDukan Abayas showcased at the InQ store in Harrods

2014 – Launch of the AlDukan Ramadan Kaftan collection Ramadan- a chapter filled with success.


Today we speak to one of the sisters – AlAnoud Almeghaisib

US: When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

AlAnoud: We have always been passionate about fashion from a very young age and never had in mind to be a fashion designer until we were encouraged to pursue it

US: What’s it like being in the industry?

AlAnoud: it wasn’t competitive at the start as there weren’t many Qatari designers in the industry but now it’s very competitive and competition is always good

US: How would you describe your brand?

AlAnoud: the name literally means “The shop” in Arabic and indian . Having AlDukan as our brand, makes for existing and prospective clients very easy and comfortable to reach out to us.  We remain true to our culture and this is very evident in our designs,  hence the special place we hold in the abaya world. The aesthetic of Al Dukan’s designs keeps clients wanting more.

US: What is your definition of style?

AlAnoud: My personal style is boho chic

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US: who is your target market?

AlAnoud:  Women who chose elegance as their choice of style

US: What has influenced your sense of style over the years?

Al Anood: Nothing in particular, we design what we like and love what we create.

US: Do you see yourself exploring markets beyond Qatar

AlAnoud: yes, why not – we have previously showcased at Harrods and would love to explore and experience different markets

US: If you could have a Qatari Celebrity representing your brand, who would it be and why?

AlAnoud: We have dressed many celebrities in Qatar and in the GCC and we look forward to continue dressing many more in Qatar

US: Where do you produce and distribute your designs?

AlAnoud: Our products are designed and produced in Doha and distributed in the Gulf, clients can contact us through our instagram account :@aldukan

US: what is next for you?

AlAnoud: We are looking at expanding in different markets and different segments

For more information on AlDukan:

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Instagram: @aldukan

Contact : 33008376




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