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Lila’s Fashions – Online Qatari Fashion Boutique

Lila’s Fashions – Online Qatari Fashion Boutique

Lila’s Fashions is an online fashion boutique catering to women in the  Middle East. They offer unique handcrafted dresses in an array of ready-to-wear attire, accessories and fne jewellery from a selection of designers chosen specially for you.

Their designs provide you with quality apparel infused with a modern approach to fashion.

Today we interview the founder of  for Lila’s Fashions.

US: When was your brand established?

L: Lila’s Fashions is a new brand established in 2017.

US: How did you fall in love with fashion and when did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

L: I have always had an eye and appreciation for fashion. I became a designer because of my love for mix-matching different items of clothing and designs. I have accomplished what I had wished for by sharing my sense of fashion and style with the world.

US: What’s it like being in the industry?

L: With many local designers coming out it’s an exciting time to be working in fashion. The industry is constantly evolving and this leads to many creative innovations.

US: How would you describe your brand?

L: Class, chic, elegant design for the flawless modern woman.

US: How would you describe yourself to someone who does not know you and your work?

L: My personality is expressed and presented throughout my designs. The pieces we’ve created at Lila’s Fashions stand for elegance, fluidity and beauty. I believe each collection shows my fashion identity and personality.

US: What is your definition of style?

L: Simple and timeless.

US: Who is your target market?

L: Any woman can wear Lila’s Fashions.

US: What has influenced your sense of style over the years?

L: Grace of Monaco has always influenced my sense of style. She is the embodiment of how a woman can be chic, elegant and timeless.

US: Is this the first time that you exhibit at Heya?

L: Yes, this is Lila’s Fashions first time exhibiting at Heya.

US: Do you see yourself exploring markets beyond Qatar?

L: Our goal is to expand into international markets and bring Lila’s Fashions abroad.

US: If you could have a Qatari Celebrity representing your brand, who would it be and why?

L: Her Excellency Sheikha Mayassa. She is a role model for the new generation.

US: How do you produce and distribute your designs?

L: It’s a mixture between the market demand and fashion styles. I produce according to each design and need.

US: What is next for you?

L: Expanding into luxury couture fashion.


Geometric Kaftans

geometric kaftan

Geometric Kaftans take inspiration from classical cultural patterns found worldwide. The fabric drapes graciously around the body and gracefully complements any silhouette. The kaftans are embroidered pieces and can be worn to any event, whether it be a formal or casual gathering. Easy to accessorize with heels or flats.

Beach Kaftans

Beach Kaftan

With an array of beautiful colors crafted with silk material make Lila’s Fashions Beach Kaftans a must-have addition to your wardrobe. For an instant stylish look, these kaftans are perfect to wear over a swimsuit or a pair of your favorite jeans.

Rose Kaftans

Rose kaftan

From the signature collection of Lila’s Fashions, our Rose Kaftans are elegant and feminine fashionable ensembles. Embroidered with flowers and petals, the designs start from the v-neckline cascading down the front of the dress and cusp of the dramatic sleeves.

Mermaid Kaftans

Mermaid kaftan

Beautiful and unique Kaftans which fit closely to the body through the torso and hips before flaring out in this dress’s fairly distinct style. The ‘mermaid’ style is a fitted bodice and fluted hem.

Fishtail Kaftans

fishtail kaftan

Lila’s Fashions Fishtail Kaftans are fashion forward. These kaftans have a special design with an asymmetrical hem; short in the front and long in the back creating a ‘Fishtail’ look. The ensemble is versatile, figure flattering and can be worn casually or dressed up for a special event anytime during the year.

Pearl Kaftans

pearl kaftan

Embellished with Pearls, Lila’s Fashions Pearl Kaftans are sophisticated designs made with fine silk material. The dresses are full length with kimono styled long sleeves adding to the dramatic yet feminine presence of the kaftan.



For more information on Lila’s fashion:

Visit Lila’s Fashion at Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition Booth: C3





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