QLabel – Modest Travel Wear

QLabel – A new upcoming Qatari Fashion House established earlier this year.

A collaboration of designers who share a passion for travel, modest fashion style and beauty, creating collections made of the finest material to provide you with fashion wear exuding comfort and style.

Versatility being the focus of their first travel wear collection, each piece is designed to make dressing for travel simple and comfortable taking you to different destinations and occasions with great ease.


This year at the 12th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition,I had the opportunity to interview  Pooja Adam representing QLabel

Click on the link to watch the interview: https://youtu.be/s89VnvOSMhk

Fashion meet Compassion

Earlier this year, Q Label Designers  launched iCARE, a charitable project in collaboration  with Qatar Red Crescent (QRCS).
iCARE, project put together by six women from different backgrounds, with the purpose of giving back to communities. their motto – fashion meet compassion
The announcement of a special collection to be launched twice a year, with 30% of the profit from the sale of the said collections to be donated to designated humanitarian causes.

May 2017 saw the announcement and  launch of their first iCARE collection, consisting of four designs, each design bearing a symbolic name – Compassion, Care, Peace and Love
The first iCARE  contributions were made to a project in Myanmar, hence “iCARE for Myanmar”
“We gave our dresses a name because these are not just some fashionable attire we are selling. We want our customers to know that each time they put on their dress, there is an emotion they have sent out to the suffering women of Myanmar,” Saba Syed from Q Label explained.


For more information on QLabel :

Instagram: @qlabel.qa

Webstite: qlabel.style




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