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About Moudi Boutique…

About Moudi Boutique…

Moudi Al Harbi, a talented and award winning Qatari designer, established her very own brand “Moudi Boutique” in 2010.  With a keen eye for textures combined with her “savoir faire” she continues to amaze us with her creations that carry her unmistakable “Moudi” trademark.

Inspired by her own mother’s creativity, Moudi was passionate about experimenting with different textures but maintains her own style with a clear identity of her own culture.

Her taste for luxury is very evident from her fabric choice, cut in perfect Moudi style, making any woman wearing her masterpiece feel like a million dollars.

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The collection showcased at the 12th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition was inspired by“winter in Paris” – a combination of traditional fabrics with European accents. Feathers, fur, leather and metallic ornaments were all the rage in her collection.

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Click on the link to listen to the interview with Naimah Zeyad representative of Moudi Boutique:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISsT5OA_xpU


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For more information on Moudi Boutique follow @moudiboutique


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