Know Your Thread Count with “House of Linen”

There are very few things in life that make long days worth it. Among my favourites, you’ll find:

  • a good cuppa tea- even on hot days
  • a satisfying run or a quiet walk along the beach, to let off some steam
  • a therapeutic late afternoon outride on horseback
  • retiring at the end of the night, under some freshly-changed sheets after a hot shower

Few of my favourites come close to the last one. Who can argue with the idea of climbing into bed at night or for your afternoon siesta, almost melting away under a duvet, crisp, lighter than air, which magically wraps around you so that you wake up never wanting to leave the comfort of the covers?

It’s true what they say-
“A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair.”



Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than this, “House of Linen” opened its doors to us this month with notes and sound of a piano. . On the ground floor in Lagoona Mall, “House of Linen” hosts collections of all things wonderful, from bedroom to bathroom, with enough accessories to spruce up your space, for all ages.


Among the names housed here, we find Mirabel Slabbinck,Evelyn Prelonge and Parfum de Berger.

Mirabel Slabbinck is well-known for carrying the legacy of over one hundred years of enchanting home linens. It would come as no surprise then, for her work to be featured here. Made of 100% satin combed Egyptian cotton with up to a 600 thread count, each piece has that luxe feeling that helps us sleep just that much better at night! Slabbinck is also a preferred specialist when it comes to bespoke initiatives tailored for yachts, aircrafts, chalets and jets- because why not?!
Fun fact: you can create your own custom pieces on her website-

Evelyn Prélonge is also a familiar name when it comes to fabulous French faux. With 20 years of Haute Couture experience, the Evelyn-empire has now come up with a Home Couture collection, adding that touch of posh to your living space, softening solid colours and rigid lines. Furry collectables range from throws and pillows, to funky accessories like beanies, bags and stoles (


The “cherry on top” comes in the form of Lampe Burger Paris’ range called, “Parfum Berger”. Each gorgeous fragrance is carefully conjured over 18 months. You’ll discover elegant diffuser bouquets and scented florals on trays. Pretty scents always get me very excited and I can’t wait to get home and let the scents travel to every corner of my home. The online site also allows you to browse all their products by either product type, or collection (  For those who spend a lot of time on the road, they even offer car sprays- I’d probably need a few of those…


Winter has finally come. This is the perfect excuse to warm up your home with the exquisite items at “House of Linen”.

IMG_8795 2
The only question that’s left to ask is, “What are you waiting for?”


House Of Linen at Lagoona Mall – Doha


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