Selina Farooqui with Winter Velvets

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Selina Farooqui with Winter Velvets

Selina Farooqui with Winter Velvets

In January this year I interviewed Selina Farooqui and I have had the privilege of interviewing her again.

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Selina Farooqui launched her new collection for Fall/Winter 2017/18 this week,         “Winter Velvets ” features hues of blue, black, maroon and mauve velvets with pleats to drape the feminine silhouette.

UM: What was the inspiration for this collection?

SF: The inspiration was mainly trying to mix current season’s trends of pleats and velvets into an abaya and discovering how the pleated fabrics.

US: Tell us about the Fall/winter 2017/18- Winter Velvets Collection

SF: My collection for FW2017-18 is called “Winter Velvets”. It’s a small capsule collection of 27 abayas featuring this season’s trends of pleating and velvets. I have always loved the look of pleats so we worked on combining the idea of pleats, with the idea of doing velvet abayas for the cooler months coming up. We developed a custom pleating for the velvet that was super fine, so that the fabric would drape nicely. The end result was a collection of abayas with an architectural yet feminine shape.


US: What is the collection color palette for Fall?

SF: My color palette for the collection is jewel tone hues, maroon, plum, navy, mauve. I  wanted rich, deep colors that compliment winter.


US: Tell us about the fabrics and textures of this collection

SF: Velvet is the star of this collection. it’s not your typical heavy velvet, it’s very lightweight and ultra soft, making the abayas comfortable and easy to wear. The textures of course are the pleats, I am in love with pleats this season and will be carrying the pleats trend over to my summer 2018 collection.


US. What do you think makes SF so luxurious as a brand?

SF: I try to make my quality and finishing the best I can, inside and out. The fabrics, the colors, the embellishments are all carefully picked out and hand done. I like luxury that’s comfortable, and that’s hopefully what I have achieved with this “Winter Velvets Collection”

For more info on Selina Farooqui Collection:


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