Let’s make time for our girlfriends and be there for each other!

In a world that’s growing to be increasingly competitive, “Girl Power” is a necessity. We need to be there for each other more, focus on empowering each other and lending a helping hand, rather than end up tearing each other down.

Having time out with the girls is one way I stay sane. We get together, vent, laugh, cry and just take time out to celebrate and love each other. We may not see each other every other day, but that limited time that you have to share with souls who can relate to you on some level, and perhaps add a new perspective on things, makes all the difference.

Life is busy. If we’re not at work, we’ve got family obligations, house responsibilities, we’re struggling to keep fit, rushing from one errand to the next, standing in queues, picking up or dropping the kids off… the list really is endless!

Where, amongst all these to-do’s does “girl time” feature, and how often?
– And if it’s not there at all?
Honey, we need to talk.

Ideally, family should be your primary support. However, for expats, family is usually far away. That’s where you and your girls provide additional support for each other, like a second family.  So many shared stories, some though ones some happy ones, what better way to celebrate each other than a girl’s night out to catch up and have some laughs.

So, the venue was Mawasem at the Hilton Doha.

We had so much fun, the laughter was a clear indication of the excitement we felt seeing each other.  The chef’s at Mawasem did not disappoint, The food was great and the desserts…well….simply yum! The service was equally good

Photo Credit: @Aamina Mather @Khadija Mayet @Fazeelah George

img_3105.jpgAn evening well spent at Mawasem! Organized by: @Aamina Mather and @Rukayya Khan

Thank you Hilton for the discounted Spa Vouchers

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