Unapologetically passionate about photography…

I admit, I am unapologetically passionate about photography.

I totally understand that we should NEVER confuse passion with hobby- hobby is something that one does outside work, for relaxation, such as walking, listening to music, reading or visit an art gallery, being passionate is doing something that simultaneously relaxes you and drives you crazy.

Personally, photography is a powerful tool that allows me to express myself, capturing moments to share, the way I see things around me, the excitement felt when finding interesting things in ordinary spaces and giving me the privilege of revisiting moments long after I’ve have forgotten everything.

A hobbyist photographer will be satisfied with the magic of a great image.  A passionate photographer will relentlessly continue pursuing the magic regardless of any circumstances that ordinarily would stop a hobbyist.

When I started photography out of interest, it was all “so awesome”. I felt like a child with a new toy discovering new possibilities, pretty soon, I grew unimpressed with my own shots. I guess that’s what happens when you constantly look at works of professional photographers. From then on, it was all “uphill”, In  my free time I went about exploring places, trying new angles, looking to capture that perfect moment.- most days I would get zero keeper shots, on good days I would get 1 or 2.

Despite the challenge, tI knew this was just something I  really wanted to do.  It wasn’t easy in account of the overwhelming randomness of the streets and the huge possibility of people thinking I was inappropriate, asking random people permission to take their pictures.

Countless times I had given up, my camera lay there almost as an object d’art, a feature of my lounge décor, just as many times I picked it up and clicked away. Time and again, I asked myself “why am I doing this again?” It was just so hard, yet I kept at it, something inside me driving me to try harder each time, I guess that’s where passion comes in.

Passion will push you to your limits. It demand sacrifices and make it hard on you. But you don”t mind the hard work, because you know it will make you better. And when it pays off, it will surprise you with opportunities you’ve never even dreamed of. Trust me.

Ultimately, for me, when you’re doing something that you really like, you might as well try to be very good at it. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

I created this page on my website to share my photography journey – some of my favourite pictures.

I do hope that you will enjoy this page and I would love to hear your feedback.

I will be updating this page regularly as iIfilter through my files…. 🙂

DSCN0543 copyDSCN0387 copyDSCN0390 copyDSCN0574 copyDSCN0590 copyDSCN0403 copyDSCN0414DSCN0627 copyDSCN0663 copyDSCN0418 copyDSCN0423 copyDSCN0507 copyDSCN0670 copyDSCN0444 copyDSCN0448 copyDSCN0449 copyDSCN0512 copyDSCN0720 copy

All the pictures featured on this post were taken with a Nikon Coolpix L840 courtesy of Salam Stores

Location: South Africa

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Umm suhail

A South African currently living and working in Qatar always striving to contribute towards the “change” where emails will be short, love letters brave and every “thank you” note be hand written! As I move through life, I want to share my experiences - the interesting places I am so fortunate to visit, the amazing people I meet and the profound moments I am blessed with. When I am not working, you can find me watching Pretty Woman or Devdas for the 101th time, I watch obscene amounts of television without a trace of shame, surf the net, visit main stream or boutique hotels, restaurants and street food vendors, specialized coffee shops or the local karak drive through stores, High end stores to 5Riyal stores, Home Interior Stores or drive aimlessly looking for inspiration for my next post, the ultimate photo opportunity or simply write about what captures my imagination.

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