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Getting to know Janna Thomson

Getting to know Janna Thomson

12 year old Janna Thomson is singing her way to the top. As a winner of the first Qatar National Music Competition (competing in the 11 and under age group, in the solo vocal category, she earned the British Embassy’s “Britten Award”), Janna’s already got her break into the music business.

Discovering her love for singing at the age of 4, Thomson spent a lot of her time singing with her dad, her biggest fan and also the other musical talent of her family who enjoys singing in Arabic. Janna, on the other hand, enjoys singing pop and RnB. Janna’s sister also sings, but prefers acting. What started off as a hobby soon became much more for Janna. She also attended music school in Lagoona Mall for a year, where she learned to play the piano.

Janna’s passion for music comes across so clearly, as she tells me how she spends every chance she gets singing, whether it be at school, home, or anywhere else for that matter! With her dad, Janna practices after doing her homework and studying. They spend time checking their melodies and lyrics.


Janna’s first public appearance was at SnapTV’s “Light Up Stand Up” event last year in April at Sharq Village & Spa. She sang “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson, as well as “Flashlight” by Jessie J. During her second performance, the crowd glowed with mobile flashlights to add to the magic of her performance. Janna admits that she was nervous, not knowing what to expect or how many people she would be performing in front of. When she gets nervous, she explains that breathing exercises help. She also takes a minute or two to close her eyes and transport herself to her “safe place”, to calm down before performing. QNMC was the first competition she entered after that. She has also featured on The Voice Kids 2017.


When talking about balancing school and singing, Janna explains that she gets schoolwork out of the way so that she can focus properly on her singing with her dad.

In the next three years, Thomson sees herself as a young performing artist, with a mixture of normal teen life and that of a performing artist. She’s also working on combining her singing with playing piano.


Janna expressed her appreciation to the organizers of QNMC, for giving her a great opportunity to showcase her passion for singing and her musical capabilities, and for providing an exciting experience. Through this competition, she’s also been able to meet other budding artists who share her passion. She is also enthusiastic to collaborate with other young artists and share ideas.

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