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Actively Repurposing …

Actively Repurposing …

Repurposing is a great way to keep things out of the trash and give your home a little décor boost, with very little effort and time,  you too can you can repurpose trash into something useful.

This is my first DIY project post, I hope that you will enjoy it and share your own DIY projects. If we  all do our bit to keep things that can be repurposed, it will help ease the burden that we put on mother nature,

I saw these tomato boxes at the greengrocer and I took some home and repurposed them  for my outdoor showers .

I gently sanded the boxes, applied clear varnish just one coat, and attached it to the wall.


I used the same boxes to create storage in my farmstyle kitchen.

I gently sanded it and gave it a very light coat  of paint, instead of varnish

These boxes are so versatile, from platers to storage boxes,, use your imagination and repurpose it.

The next time you visit your greengrocer , look around you and think “outside the box”

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