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Marsa Malaz kempinski – An Oasis of Art Masterpieces

Marsa Malaz kempinski –                             An Oasis of Art Masterpieces

With its 281 rooms including 73 suites, 2 Presidential and 2 Royal suites, personalized butler and the breathtaking panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf, white sandy beach and 8 individual pools, Marsa Malaz Kempinsiki is incomparable to other hotels.

Bespoke artworks in each room, reflecting the region’s rich heritage and history, are part of what gives the hotel its distinctive and authentic Arabic feel.  Integrated into the distinct Arabic theme of the hotel are subtle Venetian influences inspired by the piazzas of Italy; much of the hotel’s artwork forms part of a huge collection of Italian art – installations, sculptures, paintings and fabrics.

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From floors, walls, light fixtures, headboards, chairs to tables chandeliers – everything has been beautifully designed, skillfully crafted – the hotel is an architectural marvel.  Add to this the array of modern Arabian art throughout its premises and you have a destination to behold.

Throughout the rooms and suites of the hotel, you’ll find Arabic influences in the opulent fabrics, the lanterns and glassware, and unique collections of artwork on display. Furnishings are Syrian-inspired and hand-crafted with mother of pearl elements embedded in each piece, including the headboards. In total, there are more than 600,000 shimmering pieces of mother-of-pearl and over 1800 styles of mosaic across the entire hotel.


With more than 50 chandeliers from simple, chic designs to colourful and extravagant, each making a statement.  In the lobby – “The Tree of Life” extends branches crafted from glass adorned with 12 multi-coloured hummingbirds made from mouth-blown Murano glass with three glass flowers hanging at the bottom, representing love, life and happiness.



Below the “Tree of Life” is a Spanish art installation, the pearl-granate. The piece has its own story, rather than a pomegranate, the pearl-granate fell off the “Tree of Life” and cracked open. The hummingbirds tried to pick the fruit, albeit unsuccessfully, as the inside are pearls rather than actual fruit seeds.


Murano glass chandeliers hang over the grand staircase, hand-made by glass-blowers in Venice. Altogether, they are made up of over 44,000 pieces that took six weeks to assemble, each forming the shape of an oyster shell in a colourful homage to Qatar’s pearl diving heritage.




The “Flowers and Butterflies” and the Bronze sculpture of a Quranic verse by famous Iraqi designer Ahmed Bahrani


IMG_6921 copy


Ahmed Bahrani also created a bronze horse sculpture in front of the hotel.  The 18 meters tall sculpture honours the tradition of the Arabian horses and the importance the breed has played culturally, not only in Qatar, but in the region.  Its intricate detail, sculpted with defined muscles emphasizing on the horse movement, took more than four weeks to install (made of 23 pieces and weighs a more-than-sizeable 45 tonnes).


What better way than to spend an afternoon tea with your girlfriends at Café Murano surrounded by such beautiful conversational pieces.  Scattered Murano vases and “the Silver Samurai” by none other than the Czek artist Jiří Šuhájek –  this 1990’s art piece made of Murano glass and steel reflects the winter season.


You can find more of Jiří Šuhájek art pieces on display throughout the hotel.  The El Faro boasts 4 of his paintings, which combine different materials, colour splashes and gold paint.

el faro

Head to the Spa by Clarins reception, where dreamy glass installation ‘The Coral Tree’ is located, crafted from 600 hand-blown pieces of bohemian glass in different shades of blue.


Six uniquely-decorated plant pots have been covered with a beautiful combination of cracked turtle shells and mother-of-pearl.

Installations by Ahmed Allawi grace the corridors of the hotel

Ali Hassan – famous for his distinct canvas paintings – also has his works on display.

Other popular artwork can be found throughout the hotel.

The next time you visit Marsa Malaz Kempinski , whether for an afternoon tea or dinner, look around you and be mesmerized by the remarkable art collection.  It will be an afternoon you will never forget.




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