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Endemage – The Merging of Two

Endemage – The Merging of Two

Built on a solid foundation of all-things-Omani, Endemage tells tales of East-meets-West. Using the hues and textures found both in the natural landscape of Oman, as well as in Omani heritage, each piece that is made is both rich in quality and in culture. The Arabian oryx, date palm trees, natural springs (wadi’s), the formerly Omani-colonized colony of Zanzibar, traditional hats worn by Omani men (kumma), musar and dishdasha (traditional Omani dress), all form part of the large pool of inspiration from which Endemage translates heritage and culture into fashion pieces.


What began as a successful 2010 debut, grew into something much more- a stable fashion brand and a carrier of culture. The meaning of Endemage as indicated in the title of this article, shows that it is also a brand that aims to inspire and educate, to bring together pieces and people from both halves of the world, to create something truly beautiful.


Nadia and Lubna Al Zakwani are the two creatives of the Endemage empire. Their aim is to reach out to the rest of the world without letting go of their Omani identity. Endemage took her first steps into the fashion world in 2010, after Lubna graduated from French fashion institute ESMOD in Dubai, and gained a steady following of fashion lovers. Both sisters had been passionate about pursuing fashion from a young age. Their mother and aunt owned a local boutique in Muscat, where they spent a lot of their time growing up. This proved to be a strong motivation for Lubna, as she would carry on the family tradition of developing fashion. Lubna became the creative director of Endemage, and Nadia, who majored in business studies, took on the role as the finance-savvy managing director

The brand aims to give modest dressers the opportunity to be covered, yet elegant; simple, yet feminine and chic. This is achieved with the use of chiffon, silk and a personal touch in the form of hand-stitched detailing.

In short, as described by the Endemage creatives themselves, their work is, “simple but loud, feminine, elegant and eye-catching”.

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