The reality of turning 55….

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The reality of turning 55….

The reality of turning 55….

Oh so many changes, changes everywhere, understanding and accepting that at 50 you will never look 30 again.

Our face shape changes leaving many of us to discover our cheekbones for the first time in our 50’s, our skin starts to dry out, with it the growth of crow’s feet, giving us that washed out look, so our beauty routine has to be well thought through.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturize daily

Try using organic olive oil at night as a substitute for your regular moisturizer. Apply a teaspoon of the oil to the face and neck.

Use light reflecting tinted moisturizers, take care not to go too pale,  a little foundation mixed with your moisturizer can provide you more coverage.

Makeup – avoid the bright colours preferably matte shades in neutral tones like taupe, stay clear from the shimmering stuff as these will give your lines more prominence – smokey eyes with pale lipstick is a very flattering palette on older women.

A bronzer will give any over 50s face a more youthful glow – choose one only two shades darker than your natural face colour and use it sparingly.

Use an angled eyebrow brush and dark powder make-up alternatively a shade lighter than your natural eyebrows, to thicken your brows, but don’t be tempted to get thick, black slugs tattooed on your forehead.

Oestrogen levels fall, leaving women with sprouting whiskers. Electrolysis is a permanent solution is pricey and leaves scabs in the short-term, you may wish to consider threading instead while some women swear by facial epilators.

Take care of your smile

 Your upper lip loses fullness, so use a neutral lip pencil to define your lips, soften the Cupid’s bow and prevent lip bleed. Steer clear from lip fillers

Regular dental check-ups are essential because your teeth enamel thins as you age. Also, the mouth is one of those areas where all sorts of serious medical problems can reveal themselves.

Getting your teeth whitened will knock years off. Aim for a natural finish by a professional

Look after your hands

No matter how young your body looks, your hands will always betray your age. Just keep your hands well moisturized and nails clean, and neatly square-oval shaped.

Olive oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidant. Those two substances are essential for revitalizing and invigorate your skin. That’s because vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, E, K and iron that are contained in olive oil can make the skin smooth, elastic and healthy. The antioxidant itself can eliminate the free radicals that are responsible for dry and dull skin. It is understandable why people from Mediterranean called this oil as beauty oil. Olive oil contains a fatty acid. When the body’s cell incorporate with that, it will make the arteries supple and as a result, skin looks more lustrous. It is best to use the Extra Virgin olive oil for the best result.

Look after your locks

Grey hair feels coarser due to the loss of natural oils, making it also finer than pigmented hair, avoid heavy conditioners as this will make your limp, choose a hairstyle and products that will give it volume

Contrary to popular belief there is no reason to chop off your hair if it is in good condition,

Get some advice from your professional hairdresser on how best to maintain your hair.
Your Health

Your eyes are a good indication of your general health. it’s a good idea to get your eyesight checked, an experienced optician can spot anything from hypertension to glaucoma., especially after the menopause.

Don’t ignore niggly problems. This is the age when blood pressure and cholesterol levels start going up, your chances of developing further complications is quite real.

There comes a point when pedicures will  no longer suffice nor will a new coat of nail polish, shellac or gel nails cover up hard, cracking foot skin and ingrowing nails – you will need to see your chiropodist,  recurrent fungal problems need proper treatment – ask your GP for advice.

No need to put on orthopeadic shoes just yet, avoid ill-fitting stilettos  as these will give you lower back problems and bunions. With block heels and wedge heels being all the rage and so trendy, you can still look funky and have more support.

Now is the time to get moving and stay moving, sign up at your community fitness classes, or join the yoga or pilates classes.

Weight training increases bone density and protects against osteoporosis.

Stay clear from extreme dieting, especially crash diets as sudden weight loss will make you look haggard, so keep to a consistent weight

Sleep – Aim for seven to eight hours sleep every night, your body interprets lack of sleep as stress, and releases hormones that compromise your immunity and making you more susceptible to illness.

And breathe… Long, deep breathing through your nose will make you feel more in tune with your body, manage anxiety, bad moods at all costs and reduce your blood pressure.
 Managing menopause

By the age of 54, 80 per cent of women have stopped having periods.

Perimenopause –  periods are erratic,

Menopause – period has stopped for a whole year, in which case you are now officially menopausal.

Some women endure a range of symptoms albeit intermittent, they suffer from hot flushes to insomnia, while other women have no symptoms at all.


If you are part of the former experiment with alternatives like acupuncture or herbal supplements before taking HRT , as with any drug, HRT comes with its own range of side effects

Remember that exercise is a wonder drug with health benefits, a training regime will most definitely lessen the effects of the menopause and help you manage insomnia

Feed your body. Eat oily fish – salmon, mackerel, and sardines – for a vitamin D boost to help with menopausal symptoms; avocados, olive oil and sunflower seeds for their vitamin E anti-ageing properties. Dark green veggies will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Talk to your friends about what you and they are going through. It’s important to understand what’s happening to your body.

Some of the products that you may wish to try:

Hands – body shop hand care range 

Hair – Herra hair care 

Face – younique hydrating day cream and instant uplift serum 

Menopause – smoothie with orange, banana, mango, coconut oil and vitamin d drops. 

Make up

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What works for you at 50?  share your tips and I will share it


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