Dreams do come true….

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Dreams do come true….

Dreams do come true….

Reminiscing about my journey with Rovos Rail, a major highlight for me this year, a dream come true.

July 2019, was filled with some many emotions, family loss and new beginning all at once, can only aptly describe it as bitter-sweet…

in the midst of this roller coaster of emotions, what seemed like just another wish on my bucket list for the longest time ever, became a reality.

July/August 2019, was the month when a FEW of my dreams came through….
The email from Brenda confirming our journey with @Rovosrail still seems so unreal….

Like most people I too have a bucket list, however when raising a family, some dreams have to be put on hold until Almighty makes it all possible.

Indeed, dreams come true when you least expect it….

Due to my husband’s work engagements he was unable to join me, therefore my daughter joined me instead.


Our first segment of this adventure began with a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town on @flysafairza


The flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town was pleasant, the excitement on our faces was so evident as we hovered over beautiful Cape Town.


We had a few hours before our shuttle arrived, we rested at a family member’s apartment, the views were amazing, very calming and relaxing. With still an hour before the shuttle made it’s appearance, we walked across to Canal Walk for breakfast @tashascafe.

While leisurely walking through Canal Walk, my daughter introduced me to a local brand unknown to me  @vannie.kaap .
A brand that celebrates the Cape Coloured Culture and educates other cultures about it.
Thanks to one man from the Cape Flats, the establishment of a recently launched brand, Vannie Kaap, offers shoppers something completely different from the ordinary.
Vannie Kaap, epitomises the true Cape Town culture with a variety of clothing and merchandise collections that offer locals the chance to showcase their style with a dash of humour.

Before we knew it, it was time to head to our base for the night, #stjamesmanor @stjamesguesthouses –

We drove quietly, taking in the stunning views, absolute feast for our eyes…
The autumn/winter colours of nature, #foodforthesoul –

Driving down main road at #stjamesbeach –

We stopped for a bit…

main pic
Nothing I could say to you could describe this view…

st james beach.png

We stopped at #stjamesbeach for a short walk before heading over to @stjamesguesthouses


On our way, we opted to grab a bite to eat, on this little road side café, the view was the station….

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 6.18.48 PM.png



Spotting the surfers in a distance…


A quite moment… the sound of the waves against the rocks…

Silently walking on the beach, each lost in her own thought…

The Manor

Built over 100 years ago, the Manor has an aura of grandeur and old-world charm.

Home for the night…

2067175-stjcolhr        1839956-rvr1colhr

Stay with me to see our stay at the Manor….

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