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Arab Street – Kampong Glam

Arab Street
Rather than just one road, Arab Street actually refers to the area including Bussorah Street, Haji and Bali Lanes and Muscat Street. Part of the culturally rich Kampong Glam heritage trail, Arab Street — surrounded by brightly colored fabrics and textiles, hand-knotted Persian rugs and aromatic Arab teas — is Singapore’s Muslim quarter.

Its heart is the Masjid Sultan Mosque, with a history that reaches back 200 years. But this is also an area of indie boutiques, restored shop-houses and street arts (not a common sight in Singapore) — that attract anyone from buskers to tourists to families.

Centred on busy Arab Street, Kampong Glam is known as Singapore’s Muslim Quarter. Its 19th-century shophouses have been turned into stores selling textiles and casual restaurants serving spicy Malay and global fare. Notable landmarks here include the golden domed Sultan Mosque and the Malay Heritage Centre, where exhibits focus on local history. Clothing boutiques, street art and trendy cafes line Haji Lane.

We stopped at one of the cafes and ordered Nasi Ambeng, a dish inspired by Nasi Berkat and Nasi Tumpeng. A fusion created by a Javanese in Singapore / Malaysia. The word Ambeng came from the Javanese word ambengan which means to sit together.

Nasi ambeng or Nasi ambang is an Indonesian fragrant rice dish that consists of – but is not limited to – steamed white rice, chicken curry or chicken stewed in soy sauce, beef or chicken rendang, sambal goreng urap, bergedel, and serunding.

Nasi Ambeng, was everything and more…. satisfying, economical and comforting.

The market in Geylang Serai is quite something, busy, colourful, from traditional spices, vegetables, fish, herbs to clothing and houseware., there is something for everyone.

`Eating could easily be considered a national pass time in Singapore. This is one of the many food “courts” in this market.

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