Singapore botanic gardens a star visitor attraction.

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Singapore botanic gardens a star visitor attraction.

Singapore botanic gardens a star visitor attraction.

Situated just five minutes away from bustling #orchardroad , the Singapore Botanic Gardens is a lush sanctuary in the heart of the city.


The Gardens has been developed along a Four-Core Concept. The four cores are #tanglin , which is the heritage core retaining the old favourites and charms of the historic Gardens; #central is the tourist belt of the Gardens; and #bukittimah the educational and discovery zone. A fourth core, #tyersallgallop was created with the opening in 2017 of the Learning Forest which is designed to integrate with the Gardens’ existing rain forest to form an enlarged forest habitat.
Each Core presents an exciting array of attractions.


The Gardens were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, the first and only tropical botanic garden on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List, making it an important botanical institute.



A statue of Frederick Chopin near the Symphony Lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This work of art was created by Polish sculptor #karolbadyna.
The inscription, on a page at the foot of Chopin’s chair, reads:
Frederick Chopin (Szopen) 1810–1849.

This sculpture was a gift of the people of Poland to Singapore, in memory of music’s greatest tone poets.
Made possible by the generous support of:
Halina and Miroslaw Pienkowski and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Singapore.

Halia – Malay for ginger – is located in the one-hectare Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens where over 250 species of gingers with their stunning foliage and colourful flowers thrive. The construction of Halia was carried out simultaneously with the development of the Ginger Garden in the year 2000. Careful consideration was given to the special park setting, such that architecture conformed to the contours of the land, the dignity of mature trees and the preservation of heritage.


In 2001, the Halia was officially opened. The result is an unobtrusive dining room with full height glass windows, beckoning the greenery indoors, and allowing guests to dine in the Garden whilst still comfortably ensconced in cool surroundings. Decades-old majestic palm trees stand like sentries, guardian-witness to the earthy beauty that is the #singaporebotanicgardens



Orchid was named after Mandela,

the ‘Paravanda Nelson Mandela’

on the occasion of his visit

to the National Botanical Garden in Singapore.







The souvenir shop offers beautiful silk scarves in an array of colours , teas, jewellery and much more….


Despite the humid climate in Singapore, walking through the botanic gardens was surprisingly pleasant.

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