‘Pendulum’ Fashion Show Displays VCUarts Qatar’s Students’ Talent

 19th Edition of the show highlighted extraordinary designs and skills of VCUarts Qatar’s fashion design students

Doha, Qatar –Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar’s)  previewed their collection as part of its annual fashion show on May 3rd 2018

The fashion show, opened by Sandra Wilkins, VCUarts Qatar’s Chair of Fashion Design, featured collections of 25 sophomore, junior and senior fashion students.
Wilkins explained that the title of this year’s fashion show was ‘Pendulum’.

“The ‘Pendulum’ theme represents our focus in establishing a design department that meets the needs of this growing and diverse industry. The whole foundation of design is built on reimagining, re-proportioning, re-fabricating and making new again,” she said.

The students were required to submit their designs to a jury of fashion experts.

Students from the campus in Richmond, Virginia also showcased their designs during the fashion show.

Selina Farooqui, a VCUarts Qatar alumnus, was a guest designer for the show, where she showcased her Ramadan 2018 Collection.


“Having graduated from VCUarts Qatar in 2011, it’s an honor to have been invited to be the guest designer at this year’s fashion show,” she said. “I remember when I was a student taking part in this show and showing my first collection, and now I am back here, having worked on my own fashion line.

“The constant support, motivation and knowledge VCUarts Qatar provided me with enabled me to launch  a successful fashion brand in Qatar.” said Selina

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The creative concept for this year’s show placed emphasis on ready-to-wear pieces which were both wearable and marketable.

A number of  awards were given on the night. The W Doha Award went to Maryam Al-Bouanin for her children’s wear collection titled, ‘Playful Innocence’.

The Salam Fashion Award went Noor Aburish for her collection titled, ‘Lost in translation’.”


  • The award for Most Outstanding Sophomore (Academic) went to Roudha Al-Mazroei
  • The award for Most Outstanding Sophomore Collection went to Maha Al-Thani
  • The award for Most Outstanding Junior (Academic) went to Heidi Rashad
  • The award for Most Outstanding Junior Collection went to Heidi Rashad
  • The award for Most Outstanding Senior (Academic) went to Sreehitha Saini
  • The award for Most Outstanding Senior Collection went to Maryam Al-Bouanin
  • The Friend of Fashion 2018 awards went to Mariea Lenette Webb, Nicole Danielle Pollard, and Latasha Annetta Dunston.
  • The awards for Senior Collection Richmond went to Conner Francis Karlen, Chongwon Lee, Naradulam Batsuuri, and Anne Rae Carlson.

Five VCUarts Qatar students will have their collections shown at the home campus annual fashion show on May 10.
Sandra Wilkins by VCUarts Qatar’s Executive Dean Donald Baker praised Wilkins for her 20 years of hard work, loyalty and dedication to the university, and the fashion industry in Qatar. Wilkins retires next month after two decades in Qatar.

Dr. Donald Baker, Executive Dean, VCUarts Qatar, said: “For almost 20 years, Wilkins injected bright and imaginative ideas into the fashion design program – will miss her dearly.”

For a complete list of QF’s initiatives and projects, visit http://www.qf.org.qa








Let’s make time for our girlfriends and be there for each other!

In a world that’s growing to be increasingly competitive, “Girl Power” is a necessity. We need to be there for each other more, focus on empowering each other and lending a helping hand, rather than end up tearing each other down.

Having time out with the girls is one way I stay sane. We get together, vent, laugh, cry and just take time out to celebrate and love each other. We may not see each other every other day, but that limited time that you have to share with souls who can relate to you on some level, and perhaps add a new perspective on things, makes all the difference.

Life is busy. If we’re not at work, we’ve got family obligations, house responsibilities, we’re struggling to keep fit, rushing from one errand to the next, standing in queues, picking up or dropping the kids off… the list really is endless!

Where, amongst all these to-do’s does “girl time” feature, and how often?
– And if it’s not there at all?
Honey, we need to talk.

Ideally, family should be your primary support. However, for expats, family is usually far away. That’s where you and your girls provide additional support for each other, like a second family.  So many shared stories, some though ones some happy ones, what better way to celebrate each other than a girl’s night out to catch up and have some laughs.

So, the venue was Mawasem at the Hilton Doha.

We had so much fun, the laughter was a clear indication of the excitement we felt seeing each other.  The chef’s at Mawasem did not disappoint, The food was great and the desserts…well….simply yum! The service was equally good

Photo Credit: @Aamina Mather @Khadija Mayet @Fazeelah George

img_3105.jpgAn evening well spent at Mawasem! Organized by: @Aamina Mather and @Rukayya Khan

Thank you Hilton for the discounted Spa Vouchers

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An evening at Aspire Park

Late night walks after a long day, allows you take in the day’s events and time to connect with mother nature. After my diner at Chef’s garden, I headed to Aspire, with the view of iconic Torch Hotel in plain sight, lit in green in solidarity with those who died in the Saudi Arabian blast, a reminder of the global chaos.

The sight of boab trees across the fields, the sound of children’s laughter, the men gathered in a circle almost in a makeshift majlis, while the women have their own circle with a watchful eye on the children, containers of food, couples walking hand in hand ,the reflection of the majestic Torch Hotel dancing int he water, the ducks and fish in the lake had all the makings for the perfect end to a day.



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A Day in my Life!


Eid Ul Fitr 2016 . So it was the 1st Day of Eid Ul Fitr , the morning was eventful, the excitement of going to pray in Eid Salaat, seeing new and old faces, shoulder to shoulder as one Ummah… the beauty of congregational prayer and sense of oneness in indescribable… Back at home, the house was relatively quiet, the absence of the children was so real, tears rushing to my eyes, having to remind myself that it is what it is, and I have to make the best out of what I have… our breakfast was rather simple by comparison, but it sufficed.   Finally I get to put my feet up, laptop in place and began my all too familiar skype calls, exchange of greetings, lump in my throat…  Lunch time came and went, before we knew it, Fatima had to resume her duties at work, leaving me to my solitude. Armed with my Nikon, I set out to explore  the Education City Mosque.    The spectacular mosque with its trademark minarets that stretch up 90m into the sky which point straight towards Makkah, has become a new highlight in Doha.  The mosque with its capacity of 1,800 worshippers in its main prayer hall and exterior courtyards and its exterior elevation covered with embossed verses from the Qur’an, rests on five main structural columns, representing the 5 pillars of Islam. Four streams of water each representing wine, milk, honey and water, flow from the surrounding gardens into the building. A modern structure, to say the least.

Once inside, the minimalist and contemporary aesthetic exudes calmness, serenity yet warm and welcoming. The modern twist of the arabesque designs with different mediums so evident, the geometric patterns so intricate yet so simple.

The Mihrab features a golden text and a Qur’anic ayat which translates as: “So turn your face toward al-Masjid al-Haram. And wherever you [believers] are, turn your faces toward it [in prayer].” 2:144T

The call to prayer so soothing and so welcoming, followed by the total surrender of the worshippers.

It was time to visit the courtyard and some picture taking.


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